Total Solar Eclipse at Smyrna Airport

SMYRNA, TN—The Smyrna Airport in Smyrna, TN was a flurry of anticipation leading up to the Solar Eclipse.  Over 122 visiting aircraft, from a small Cessna 172 to a Gulfstream G-V, settled on the tarmac with family and friends to view the rare site.  Tiger Woods was on the East side of the airfield in his Gulfstream aircraft.  The Airport Authority hosted an Eclipse party for its business partners and employees complete with Sun Chips, Moon Pies, Orbit Gum, and Solar Eclipse glasses.  The Airport Authority stated that the Airport received telephone calls for days before the event from pilots requesting to land in Smyrna.  “The Airport is the best place to view an Eclipse, because of the open space and to see the 360⁰ sunset was just mesmerizing” said one of the pilots.  The one and a half minutes of total eclipse although brief was a thrill to all who attended.

Smyrna Airport Authority