Hillwood Industrial Development

NFI, a logistics company that provides distribution services throughout the Southeast, will provide 168 jobs that pay $15 per hour by leasing a 622,830-square-foot building at the airport, said Brian Hercules, the senior vice president of economic development for the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce.

NFI will be leasing a building that's part of the airport's 400-acre business park. The airport is working with Hillwood to develop buildings for lease.

NFI jobs possible thanks to Hillwood development

Davenport said Hillwood development made the NFI jobs possible. “Hillwood was willing to put in all the infrastructure," Davenport said.

Smyrna Airport Executive Director John Black told the IDB that Hillwood made strong growth possible at Tennessee's fourth busiest airport. “We found a great partner in Hillwood," said Black, who oversees a 1,700-acre airport property that's 60 percent owned by the county and 40 percent owned by Smyrna. "They found a great customer." 

Hillwood plans for three other buildings

Hillwood representative Kurt Nelson told the IDB he expects NFI to move into the building within a couple of weeks. 

In addition to the NFI building, Hillwood will have a 301,495-square-foot building ready to lease in 45 days, Nelson said.

Hillwood hopes to start construction soon on two more buildings that will be 533,520 square feet and 334,800 square feet, Nelson said. 

NFI, which is based in Cherry Hill, N.J., is one of the North America's largest logistics providers, said Gov. Bill Haslam, according to the news release.

"Tennessee's central location and deep pool of skilled workers make our state the ideal home for companies like NFI to operate major distribution facilities," Haslam said. "This new operation in Smyrna brings us one step closer to making Tennessee the No. 1 location in the Southeast for high-quality jobs."

— Article from the Daily News Journal

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