AirSign Acquires Van Wagner Airship at Smyrna Airport

AirSign Acquires Van Wagner Airship Group, World Leader in the Airship Industry
AirSign Inc. to: own, manufacturer, and operate World’s Largest Airship Fleet
[Williston, Florida] – Nov. 20, 2017 – Florida‐based AirSign, Inc. has acquired Van Wagner Airship Group and its related affiliates.
This acquisition includes the airship manufacturer, American Blimp Company and their 15 airships, the U.S. Navy blimp with all the remaining US Navy airship equipment and inventory, ownership and management of Van Wagner’s global airship operations, including staff with decades of experience in the airship industry. This truly solidifies AirSigns’ position as the world leader in airship assets and operations.
“We are at the dawn of a new age in the airship world,” said AirSign Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Walsh. “There is a lot of research, development and innovation going on in new hybrid airships, and we’re very interested in that space and its’ manufacturing arm. The company will not limit itself to thinking inside the box.”
AirSign President, Trevor Thompson, says, “The company remains committed to our vision of aerial advertising, but will now expand into sports broadcasting and other avenues with our new fleet of airships.”
“Van Wagner has an impeccable and rock‐solid leadership position in the market,” said Walsh. “We’ve had a great relationship with Van Wagner in the past, and we look forward to continuing to improve our airships multinational business.


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Van Wagner Airship Group (VWAG) was formed in 2012 through the acquisitions of The Lightship Group and the American Blimp Co. (ABC). ABC designed and manufactured blimps  and VWAG provided full service blimp advertising, broadcasting and promotional programs to large and medium‐sized brands both nationally and internationally.

Salil Rai